Rent Our Facility

Turf Rental

Does your team need a place to practice? Our turf is a great place to get in work with your teams. Softball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, etc. Any game you can play on a field can be played on our turf field.

$75 an Hour (1/2 Turf)

$150 an Hour (Whole Turf)

Cage Rental

Is it raining outside or cages not available at the local park? We have cages that can be rented out to individuals as well as teams, fully equipped and ready to use.

$25 for 30 min.

$40 an Hour

Field Rental

Does your team need field space? We have the perfect field located less than 5 miles away from our facility that is available for team use.

$50 an Hour

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