Our Story

Brian Elinburg (Coach BE) is a longtime resident of Buford where he attended Buford High School and graduated in 1993. Jennifer is also a longtime resident of Buford and graduated from North Gwinnett in 1999. Brian and Jennifer’s path crossed in 2003 when Jennifer’s nephew wanted to attend a friends basketball game at the Buford City Gym. She was home from college so she agreed to take him. Coach BE was the coach of the friend and from the moment they met they hit it off. They were engaged 4 months later and married in April of 2004. Brian and Jennifer now have 2 children: Caden, 11, and Kyiler, 7 who attend Buford City Schools.


Brian was a 3 sport athlete at BHS where he was known as “BE.” After graduating from high school Brian knew that he wanted to coach so he jumped right in coaching softball, football, and basketball in Buford.


Brian and Jennifer have been dreaming of a business like Buford Elite Sports Training for over 12 years of their marriage and decided to take a leap of faith in 2015. Brian was a welder for 15 years and Jennifer was a PE and Health and Special Education teacher for 13 years. Buford Elite was a dream they bottled up and tucked far away but when the opportunity came up they knew it was time to follow their dreams and pursue God’s plan for their life. God had given Brian and gift and it needed to be used to make a difference in the community.

Throughout the 2 years that Buford Elite has been opened, kids have come into Buford Elite as athletes who want to learn their sport of choice and they have walked out family. The clients are truly our extended family. Brian calls them his kids. His motto is to “Get Better Everyday” in sport, school, and life! It is the goal of the the Elinburg’s and Buford Elite Sports Training to be a business that not only grows athlete and kids but to also be a difference maker in the community through a variety of avenues.